$10,000 Super Raffle

At least once a year, Park West Lions Club holds a $10,000 Super Raffle.  A ticket costs $100.00 and this allows two people to attend the raffle.  A buffet is served and there is an open bar for the evening.  Each ticket sold is numbered and all the numbers are placed into a tumbler.  When the raffle begins, we draw the numbers one at a time and each number drawn is eliminated from the raffle.  When we get to the last ten numbers, we ask the holders of those ticket numbers if they would like to split $10,000 or try for the whole amount.  If all ten people agree to split the prize, they are given $1,000 each.  If one person does not agree to split, we draw another number for elimination.  We repeat this process until all the remaining participants agree to split or there is one remaining number, which wins the entire $10,000.  After the raffle we have Gary Smallwood and The Smallwood Brothers for entertainment.